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Our Ostrich feather dusters are the most efficient, durable and gentle dusters available in the market. The feathers' unique features such as softness and flexibility with the ability to generate static can easily pick up and remove dust on contact. This is why it is the most effective material for the production of domestic and Industrial dusters.

The feathers unique ability collects dust naturally because of the thousands of small laces that are naturally oiled. The Ostrich feathers have many more characteristics, for example:
  • The laces on the feather can easily hold the dust particles, removing it quickly and easily without the use of chemical and industrial products.
  • Can be washed with water, rinsed and air dried while still maintaining its structure.
  • Our PREMIUM Ostrich feathers softness and flexibility will allow the user to clean the most delicate equipment and furniture, without the fear of scratching or damaging the surface.
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